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Claim back PPI compensation in 3 easy steps

1. Start your PPI application

Get started and claim back PPI compensation that you deserve by filling in the form above, one of our friendly advisers will then call you at a convenient time and go through a quick questionnaire about your claim. We can then work on your behalf and claim back PPI premiums.

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3. Let us do the talking
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Claiming back PPI can be daunting but we do it everyday so let us take the stress, worry and technical stuff off your hands and claim back PPI on your behalf, typically we will get you an offer within 8 weeks.

Our Fees to Claim Back PPI

We operate a strictly No Win No Fee process for claiming back PPI

Standard Fee

20% of compensation paid

  • 14 day cooling off period
  • 20% payable if successful
  • No claim No fee
  • Expert advisers
  • Online, over the phone

20%total fees

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Home Visit

Admin fee chargeable

  • £120 admin fee for home visit*
  • 20% standard fee if successfull
  • Average 3 PPI claims per household†
  • Expert advisors uncover more!
  • Paperwork completed with customer

20%+£120 fee

* Payable at time of visit, see terms and conditions.
Fee can be waivered in favour of 25% overall fee. 5% increase on 20% fee.
†At the time of publishing.

Home Visit

NO fee advisor visit

  • All benefits of home visit
  • 5% increase on standard fee
  • Paperwork completed with customer
  • Advisor helps with all aspects

25%of total

*No fee is chargeable at the time of visit if customer advises this option.

Are you eligible to claim back PPI?

To claim back PPI you need to have specific characteristics, firstly you need to have been paying for PPI on a loan or a credit card, this can be current or on paid off finance though it has to be within the last 6 years in order to guarantee that the lender will still have your details for us to claim back PPI on your behalf.

The second characteristic is you must be able to identify why you were mis-sold PPI and state this in your own words on your application forms. Banks and lenders see thousands of these per day so it is important that it is in your own words, makes sense and is a valid reason to claim back PPI. There are many ways that you could have been mis-sold PPI and so would be eligible to claim back PPI premiums but these are the most common:

  • The lender implied that having PPI cover was compulsory or that it would be beneficial to your application in any way
  • The lender did not tell you that PPI is an optional extra and could be purchased elsewhere
  • You were unemployed, retired or self-employed at the time the policy began
  • The lender neglected to inform you of the policy exclusions including back and stress related time off work
  • You got PPI cover intentionally to cover a long term loan but the lender did not inform you that PPI covers a much shorter period (12-24 months) and so you would not be covered for the life of the policy

If you have both of these characteristics and can identify with any of the above common reasons for being mis-sold then you could claim back PPI totalling thousands of pounds, the average compensation is around £3000 but lots of people are getting 5 and even 6 figure refunds from their banks and lenders because of mis-sold PPI.

Many lenders within the UK were found guilty of mis-selling PPI and you could claim back PPI from Lloyds, get back PPI compensation from Barclays and pursue claiming back PPI from HSBC with us.

How to claim back PPI

To claim back PPI you first need to have the two criteria above sewn up, you need to have been paying for PPI on a loan, credit card, store card, mortgage or other form of personal finance and then be able to show that it was mis-sold to you. Have a look at the common reasons for being mis-sold PPI above and fill in the ‘request a call back’ form to progress on to claiming back the PPI compensation which is rightfully yours.

Alternatively you can do a full online application to claim back PPI, this is a simple process but you will need to have all the details to hand, credit card statements, loan policy documents etc.

The third option is to give us a ring, we will guide you through a quick questionnaire and set up a home visit at a time that is convenient for you. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will come and see you, just get all the documents you can find together and our adviser will be able to piece together your history and dig up any PPI policies that you didn’t know you could claim on. Typically our advisers identify a further 3 claims per customer who requests a home visit so its well worth investing some time in. They can even give you an estimate to what your PPI compensation will be.

Claim back PPI today

To get started and claim back PPI just give us a call or fill in the ‘request a call back’ form above. We can go from there, go through a quick questionnaire, get you to sign a couple of forms and we can then start to claim back PPI on your behalf.

Claim back PPI on paid off finance

Claiming back PPI on paid off finance is a query we get all the time and a very large string to our bow. Millions of people in the UK have been continually mis-sold PPI by their banks and lenders for years and they are not taking full advantage of having the ability to claim it all back.

A lot of PPI companies out there will claim back your PPI for you without any problems though they deal strictly in volume, they deal with thousands of claims every day and you are just a number on their records. But because you have contacted them via the phone, gone through a phone application and spoken to a call centre member who is new to the PPI industry they miss out making several more claims worth thousands of pounds to you.

Our home visit product is brilliant and the uptake in claims it creates for our customers is astonishing, the average customer trying to claim back PPI will have 1.9 claims, our customers, after a home visit have an average of 5 claims per person.That has made tens of thousands of pounds worth of difference in compensation to some of our customers.

You can claim back PPI on paid off finance and the best way to do so is to opt for one of our experienced advisors to come and see you at a convenient time to discuss your claim. They will instantly be able to identify a long line of potential claims if you have them, one of our customers was astounded to find that he had 48 potential PPI claims! With an average of £3000, you can imagine how happy he was, especially considering he applied to us for only 2 claims, our advisor had to set up a second meeting to get them all processed.

Claim back credit card PPI

Credit cards companies are one of the biggest offenders in the PPI scandal and you could claim back PPI on several credit cards at a time. Typically the interest on PPI is added to your account monthly and will be itemised on your statement so have a look for mentions of additional insurance or charges you do nto recognise, this could be PPI, give us a call and we can discuss if you can claim back credit card PPI premiums that have been mis-sold to you.

If you have PPI and did not know it existed or were mis-sold the policy it would have been added to your account during the application process. Some of the most common reasons why this happened are to do with lack of product knowledge for the internal staff, internal sales pressures, huge profit margins and lack of training.

Customers were sold policies that they didn’t want, need or were ineligible to use because sales advisors were un-trained or pushed into getting more sales and hitting sales targets set by the banks. They often added PPI without informing the customer, mis-lead them in to having it or failed to give them all the details needed to accept the policy.

If you have credit card PPI then get in touch, we can get started and claim back PPI on your behalf. PPI would have been charged on all the outstanding balance on a credit card monthly so keep an eye out. If you have had several thousand pounds worth of balance for several years then the compensation will run into several thousand pounds.

How to claim back PPI on a loan

Claiming back PPI on a loan is a similar process to credit card PPI, the main difference is that the premiums would have been calculated at the application stage, meaning if you paid off your loan early or increased the size of the loan your PPI premiums shouldn’t increase and in the event of paying the loan off early then you should be compensated for the over payment in PPI.

Loan PPI can often only be seen on the initial loan agreement so if you can dig that out that will be of great help in claiming back PPI on the account.

If you have a loan that you suspect has PPI added on their without your consent, knowledge or you were persuaded into accepting the policy then get in touch, these are very common reasons for loan PPI being mis-sold so you could claim back PPI premiums worth thousands of pounds.

Claim back PPI FAQ’s

How long will it take to claim back PPI?

The average time to claim back PPI compensation is between 8-12 weeks though there are several factors that can delay the time it takes to receive your refund. If your case is referred to the FOS for further investigation the whole process can be increased by several months though banks are under a directive to settle all valid PPI claims within 8 weeks so the average time is falling. The other factor to include is the sheer volume in those who are claiming back PPI currently, banks have huge back-logs.

How much will it cost me?

To claim back PPI with us you have a few different options on fees, we can accept an online application, send you the forms to sign then send them off on your behalf. Alternatively we can arrange a home visit, this will involve one of our representatives coming out to see you at a time convenient to you. Our fee is dependant upon the route you take, we operate a strictly no win no fee policy and offer either a 20 or 25% commission based on whether or not you want a home visit.

Our experienced advisors will guide you through everything you need to know in order to claim back PPI, they can even give you an estimated compensation amount.

It’s free to do it myself so why would I use you to claim back PPI?

This is a very easy one, on average a person making a claim alone will have 1.9 claims to make. On an average customer of ours who has a home visit, our average is nearly 5 claims per customer. The simple reason for this is that our trained and experienced staff know how to dig around, they have been in this business for years and thrive on finding additional claims for each customer.

Yes we do charge and additional 5% for the privilege but I am sure you would rather have 75% of 5 claims than 100% of 1. Using average figures you would be compensated £3000 if you did it alone but if you went through our home visit product you would receive over £11,000.

How will I get my money?

Typically banks take around 8 weeks before they will make a settlement offer on your PPI claim(s), once you have accepted they tend to pay out quickly but this can take up to 28 days in rare cases.

The lender will pay you directly in to an account if you hold one with them. If you have a credit card or loan with an outstanding balance they may remove some or all of that balance depending on the total sum compensated.

If you no longer have an account with the lender in question, they will send you a cheque.

When do I have to pay you?

You only pay us when we successfully claim back PPI on your behalf, once you receive your PPI refund we will issue an invoice for our commission and you can pay that in several ways.

If your case to claim back PPI is unsuccessfully you owe us nothing and in the event that you opted to pay a one off fee for the home visit, this will be refunded in full.

Other Faq’s

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What Our Clients Say about our claim back PPI services

Many thanks to your staff who were efficient, friendly and professional. I received back over £22,000 which has helped me get my life and finances sorted out

Mrs Helen Sain

Very professional, efficient and friendly service. I was amazed to receive over £15, 000 back which has paid off all our  existing loans and left us debt free’

Mr Steve Judd

How to claim back PPI yourself

A large proportion of the people we speak to day in day out initially come to us for information about claiming back PPI themselves, after we present the facts and figures of previous clients most use our services for the superior experience and to maximise the compensation totals received.

Claiming back PPI compensation by yourself isn’t that difficult, there are many templates and guides on how to do so across the web but we can all wash our car and yet we still go to the specialists.

In order to first pursue your claim you need to be able to identify that you have been paying for PPI and that you were in fact mis-sold the policy in the first place. Once you have done this you are ready to go, now all you have to do is print of the FOS form template, fill it in and send it on to your bank.

After a period of 4-8 weeks you will hear back detailing whether they believe you are eligible for a refund or not and what they believe you are owed.

A PPI claims company offers a lot of additional value to the above and their services should not be ignored.

With the help of a specialist advisor you could identify several additional claims that you didn’t know were available to you, making you thousands of pounds extra in compensation.

Companies like DPA offer home visit services that can help in many ways, firstly they help you understand the process, understand the timeframes and expectations as well as giving an estimated compensation amount. But the main advantage to a home visit is that the experienced representative knows PPI inside out, they are skilled at identifying claims that you didn’t know you had, one recent DPA customer thought he had 2 claims, after a home visit and 8 weeks of processing time at the bank he received compensation on 12 policies that were mis-sold to him.

Claiming back PPI yourself does only cost you a few pounds in postage, some time and some printer ink but working with a PPI claims company on a no win no fee basis opens up a world of opportunity to make claims on multiple mis-sold policies that you would never have found.

If you have a history of multiple credit cards and loans, loans used to pay off other loans and lots of other personal finance then utilising a company like DPA is essential in getting all the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Contact us now to see how we could help, we can set up a home visit at a time that is convenient for you and get your PPI claim underway.

How much PPI can I claim back?

The total compensation due to any individual is dependant upon several factors, these include total loans and credit cards, when PPI was added and the monthly premium that was paid.

Typically each mis-sold PPI policy is worth around £3000 in compensation though this can escalate to 5 or even 6 figures and with the average customer having anywhere between 1 and 48 claims, the sky really is the limit on the amount of compensation you could be owed if you claim back PPI.

To find out how much you could be owed in PPI compensation get in touch with one of our advisors or fill in the form above and we will get in touch with you when convenient. If you can dig out all the paperwork from loans and credit cards, this will save us some time on the phone and enable us to get an idea of whether you are eligible or not.

If you have a financial history with lots of personal loans, compounded loans to pay of a selection of other debts and credit cards then there is every chance that some or all of your accounts have PPI. As soon as we can analyse the account, work out if you have been paying for PPI and then if you were mis-sold the policy in the first place we can start the process and get back all the compensation that is rightfully yours with 8-12 weeks.

Step by step guide to claim back PPI compensation

Claiming back PPI compensation is not as difficult as one might imagine and although there is a lot of detail needed the use of a PPI claims company is to add value and is not essential for those with some knowledge of the way it works and with only one small claim.

This guide is designed to help you make an informed decision with your PPI claim(s), we 100% advocate the use of us or another PPI claims company if you have a history of multiple loans, personal finance and credit cards as the added value there is enormous, though if you only have a single claim to make it maybe more suited to claim back compensation for being mis-sold PPI yourself.

The first step to claiming back PPI compensation

The first thing you need to do is to identify whether you have PPI in the first place, many millions of policies have been mis-sold across the country so there is every chance that you have one or more of them.

Most of our customers who claim back compensation successfully didn’t know they had PPI or assumed that PPI claims were notn something they would be eligible for. We urge you, no matter how careful you are to check your statements and policy documents because even if you rejected PPI the lender could have added it anyway without you knowing.

Typically finding out if you have PPI is pretty simple, you can ring your lender and ask them if the policy is currently live or in the last 6 years. Equally you can simply check your statments and policy documents for mentions of PPI or any additional insurance charge.

Many of the big name lenders have played around with wording and associations so please analyse the documents, follow any references and if there is ANY additional monthly or upfront charge no matter what it is labelled as it is probably PPI so give us a call, the chances are we have seen it before and can instantly tell you if that is PPI or not.

Second step to getting your compensation

The next step and the most important is to be able to prove that you were mis-sold the policy, lenders have held their hands up to the mis-selling scandal and are usually receptive to claims especially those who go through a respected claims management company who pride themselves on quality.

Lenders ask that you, in your own words state why you feel you were mis-sold the policy. This is a case of aligning yourself with one of the common reasons for mis-selling below and stating how this applies in your case.

This needs to be in your own words and conform with one of the reasons for mis-selling. Here are some of the most common reasons for PPI being mis-sold, if you can align yourself with one of these then you are past step 2 and well on the way to claiming back that PPI compensation that you deserve:

  • It was implied or you were told that taking PPI was compulsory.
  • You were retired, self employed or unemployed at the point of sale or your employment status was not discussed.
  • Your personal long term health was not discussed or you were suffering from an illness that was currently keeping you off work.
  • It was implied or you were told that having PPI would benefit your application for personal finance.
  • You had additional insurance cover elsewhere that would cover the loan if needed and this was not discussed.
  • You were not informed that you could buy PPI from a third party provider, which was often cheaper.
  • The policy that you were sold had age restrictions which were not pointed out to you.
  • The policy exclusions were not explained to you or the most relevant exclusions were not explained fully, these include stress and back related time off work.
  • You were pressured or persuaded to take PPI alongside your application for personal finance.
  • You paid upfront in full or partly for PPI and were not told that you could do this monthly.
  • You paid off your loan early and were not offered a refund of the PPI premiums.
  • You increased the size of your loan and the PPI premiums were increased without your knowledge or approval.
  • The terms and conditions in the small print weren’t fully explained for you.

If any of the above are true then you were mis-sold PPI, if the reason that you feel why you were mis-sold are not included on the list then get in touch, one of our expert advisers will be able to guide you and get going on your PPI claim.

Step 3: the waiting game

After you have started your PPI claim, whether you have used our services or not the time comes where the only thing you can do is wait. Usually the lender will only send an acceptance letter to you, confirming they have received the claim. Usually this will be the only contact you will get from them for 6-8 weeks, until they send you a letter including an offer.

It is important to make sure that the offer is correct and what the breakdown is for, we can help with this, sometimes it is very obviously nowhere near the compensation you are due but only an expert can tell you this.

Once you have accepted the offer, the lender usually coughs up quite quickly, depositing the compensation directly into an account you currently have with them or asking for another method of payment.

It is vitally important to note that if you are going it alone with your PPI claim(s) that you research the subject, lenders are resorting to tactics that bemuse us daily, telling customers they do not have PPI seems to be a new daily target to hit so do not give up, contact us for more advice or to act on your behalf and claim back the PPI compensation you are owed.

Can I claim back PPI without paperwork?

Claiming back PPI without paperwork is not as difficult as you might think aslong as the policy was held in the last 6 years. If the policy is older than 6 years old and you do not have any of the paper work you will struggle to get a refund.

Lenders are obliged to keep hold of your account information for 6 years after the policy finishes, so within that period we can investigate on your behalf and request all information held on your accounts.

The thing to remember when attempting to claim back PPI without any paperwork is time, if the policy is older than 6 years you will almost certainly need documentation proof for the bank to accept your claim for compensation.

If the policy is within the last 6 years and you do not have any documentation then having us act on your behalf is imperative. We can do all the digging and analysing needed to pursue your claim with the bank.

If you believe you were mis-sold PPI but you do not have the paperwork for the policy the first thing to do is to fill in the form at the top of the page and we will get in touch straight away to discuss your claim(s).

Typically someone making a PPI claim without all the paperwork can get back several thousand pounds in compensation. The average is £3000 but most people who use our home visit service make several PPI claims at once, which can total tens of thousands in refunds.

How do I claim back PPI myself?

To claim back PPI yourself, all you need is a few pounds worth of stamps and printer ink, some spare time and the downloadable template forms which you can find here, though we can all change a car tyre ourselves with some research but we still go to the specialists.

We thoroughly recommend anyone with more than 1 PPI policy to use our services, if you are 100% sure that you only have 1 policy that has been mis-sold to you then go it alone, use the online help forms and resources and pursue the claim yourself. But bare in mind that most people who have PPI do not know they do, so even if you believe you have 1 policy there is every chance you have some more.

Our PPI claim back services add a lot of value for people who have a history of several loans and credit cards, we are experts at digging around and finding mis-sold policies that our customers didn’t know they had.

A recent client came to us with a history of multiple loans and credit cards, he had been offered over £6000 by his bank who claimed he had 2 mis-sold PPI policies that he was owed compensation on. After approaching us as he was unsure of what his choices were, our team investigated his case and uncovered a further 10 polices that he could claim on, his total compensation package was over £48,000.

Fight and claim back PPI from your bank

Whether you are a Lloyds, HSBC, Natwest, Barclays, Santander, Capital One, Egg, MBNA, Northern Rock or a Alliance and Leicester customer there is every chance that you have a mis-sold PPI policy without even knowing your paying for it.

Most High street banks in the UK have mis-sold PPI, they have also held up their hands and a lot of them were fined for their part in the scandal.

The main point in the PPI scandal is that millions of policies were mis-sold to people who didn’t want, need or were ineligible to have in the first place. Most of those who have a mis-sold policy do not know it exists and that they have been paying for it for some time.

We would urge anyone with a credit card, loan or other form of personal finance to check their statements and policy documents for instances of PPI. Often the insurance is hidden or mentioned using other terms, PI, MPPI and many other terms could be used. The important thing is that if there is ANY mention of additional charges or mentions of insurance charges on top of the monthly bill or premium to get it checked out.

Give us a call or fill out the form below or above and we will get back to you straight away to discuss your claim(s).

Claiming back a PPI refund in summary

We realise that there is a lot of information about PPI all over the web and on here so just to try and sum everything up in one quick section so you don’t have to get bogged down in the details of it all.

The first thing to point out is that millions of people in the UK have been mis-sold PPI, the banks have held their hands up, been fined accordingly and ordered to compensate those who were mis-sold. Most people who have PPI do not realise they have it, with many believing that ‘I would have said know or known about it’ but there is not much you can do if the bank add’s the policy to your account without your knowledge and consent which is very common.

The second thing to point out is that if you were mis-sold PPI you are probably owed thousands of pounds in compensation, the typical refund across the UK is around £3000 with many people receiving several times more than that up to a maximum of a quarter of a million in one case.

Thirdly, you can claim back PPI yourself using online forms, resources and some leg work to pursue the case but for those who do not have the time or simply wish to use a specialist there are many companies at hand, none more friendly than us. If you have a history containing multiple loan and/or credit cards then we would urge you to use the services of a claims management company like ourselves because the added value we can bring to the case far out-weighs the cost of doing so.

Lastly claim PPI is not an overnight thing, do not expect to have it all sorted within a week or 2. There are very rare cases that are refunded within 4 weeks but on average expect to wait 8-12 weeks for an offer and 4 weeks longer to receive your money and you will not be disappointed.

One last thing to point out is that if the case is rejected by the lender, we can still pursue it through the FOS, if you can produce some evidence to support the claim, such as a policy document or letter from the lender.

Un-common reasons for claiming back PPI

When claiming back PPI using a claims management company or going it alone you will need to be able to justify how exactly you were mis-sold the policy in the first place.

After you have been able to spot that you have been paying for PPI you have to prove that you were mis-sold the policy. Doing so is less difficult than it sounds, because there is no recordings, no paperwork or no definitive right or wrong from the point when you were sold or mis-sold the policy all you have to do is give  agood reason as to why you believe you were mis-sold.

Typically there are a selection of common reasons why millions of PPI policies were mis-sold and many thousands have been ripped off and these are above, but here is a selection of the not-so common reasons why you could have been mis-sold the policy. If you can relate to any of these then there is every chance that you are owed several thousand pounds in PPI compenstion:

  • You applied for the personal finance online and PPI was hidden within pre-ticked boxes during the application process.
  • You were outside of the age limits either lower or upper when you took out the policy, each policy has different restrictions but typically if you were under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 then you were mis-sold.
  • You had alternative cover elsewhere that would aid you in the event of becoming unemployed, ill or suffer an accident.
  • You knew that you may become unemployed during the life of the policy.
  • You were not told about the cost of insurance before accepting it at the point of sale, online or offline.

If any of the above uncommon reasons for being mis-sold ring true in your case then you were almost certainly mis-sold, get in touch and we can look into your case right away.

How we can help reclaim PPI on your behalf

We have looked at just about every angle needed to reclaim PPI compensation from a lender who mis-sold you a policy but now it’s time to demonstrate our added value.

As a whole, PPI claims companies have been on the receiving end of lots of bad press in recent times but the facts remain the same, claims handlers like us add significant value to most claimants. We take the hassle out of claiming PPI, we can speed up the process, maximise the compensation you receive and make the whole thing as easy as answering a few questions and signing a couple of bits of paper.

Typically a customer of ours spends 5 minutes on the phone to us and a minute or two signing a couple of forms, they pop them in the post back to us and we get going. It’s as simple as that, within the next 8 weeks we hope to have an offer for them, we jointly decide whether that is acceptable and go from there.

In most cases the offer is about right and is accepted, at which point the bank usually pays the sum into an account within a few days though officially they have 28 days to do so. If the customer is in arrears with that lender, they usually credit the amount to that same account, for example if you have £3000 in overdraft and your PPI compensation is £4000 then the overdraft will be paid off and the account credited with £1000.